Signs of spring were clearly visible on our previous visits to the Academy, but today was the first real burst of spring, not the phantom we had witnessed before.

Athelia, Victoria and Wayne set to work speaking with students. Victoria and Athelia spoke to groups of friends who were a mixture of stand offish and very friendly. We met many of our old friends who were keen to share their progress in the school. It is great to speak to these individuals as they were often students we met during Satellite when they were excluded from lessons because of ill behaviour.

Wayne met a number of old friends who were all making steady progress in their work in the Academy.

As we moved into the Satellite there were quite a number of students which we see as normal for this time of year. Towards the end of term the numbers increase as attention spans waver at the end of term. We worked hard to get around as many students as we could and had some interesting conversations.

It has been a rewarding spring term for us despite some internal issues and we look forward to the break and enjoying the Easter.