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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Southfields Academy Visit 26th June 2017

There were only three of us this morning. Athelia, Veronica and Wayne were out this morning and it was a very hot and sunny one too. It looked initially that it would not be so glorious but it was. We met with Mr Davis as we entered the school and were quick to remind him […]

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Patrol of Central Wandsworth 23rd June 2017.

It has been a long wait but it was an honour to be patrolling Central Wandsworth as a Street Pastor. The work we are currently doing in Southfields Acad emy was a direct result of the work and development of the work we did years ago on the Streets of Central Wandsworth and we were […]

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Southfields Academy Visit 19th June 2017.

On the hottest day of the year so far we were entered the Academy thoughtful of the events that had happened over the past few days. The Fire in the Ladbroke Grove area and the Terrorist attack at Finsbury Park Mosque were on the minds of the team and the Academy who observed a minutes […]

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Southfields Academy Visit 12th June 2017.

As we entered the Academy today we found that a lot of the students were involved with exams so the numbers in the playground were depleted. But this did not deter us from getting down to work and engaging with the students. David was able to join us today so we had a team of […]

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Southfields Academy Visit 5th June 2017.

It was an overcast day as we entered the academy. It looked as though there was going to be sunshine but the clouds appeared almost as soon as we arrived. Veronica, Victoria, Athelia and Wayne were present today. David who was present with us before the half term break had a work assignment. We got […]

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