As we entered the Academy today we found that a lot of the students were involved with exams so the numbers in the playground were depleted. But this did not deter us from getting down to work and engaging with the students. David was able to join us today so we had a team of five. Victoria was present with us before she goes on holiday to Nigeria until September. Veronica and Athelia were also present with Wayne. Victoria and Wayne were keen to catch up with the two students from previous weeks. They were apprehensive about taking the matter through the Academy and wanted us to act as their go-betweens. We were happy to do this if it made them feel more comfortable and left it to them to produce their report. As we moved through the Academy the students were their usual selves joking with us but some who we have established good relations with were keen to greet and exchange with us.

As we moved into the Satellite there were a few serious offenders but most were there for minor offences. Wayne Managed to speak to a young girl who last month was threatened by an older person who was a friend of someone she had a disagreement with. Happily this matter was resolved but as she shared her background it was clear that there were a number of very serious issues in her past that she had been through which she shared. It served to prove that it childhood is not all plain sailing. It is an honour to be in a position to shape a young life for the better and we are finding that we are invited by the school to speak to children with troubled backgrounds where we can speak encouragement from our own life experiences.

The school year is winding down to a close now but there is still much to do. We look forward to the challenges we will face.