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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Southfield Academy Visit 30th October 2017.

It was a cold but sunny day as Wayne entered the Academy. He was alone for the first half of the visit due to unforeseen circumstances. As Wayne spoke to the students there was a very positive feeling in the Academy. There were the two gentlemen who complained last academic year who said that this […]

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Balham and Tooting Patrol 20th October 2017.

It seemed at first that there would be just three of us but our numbers grew to five by the time we were ready to go to Tooting Broadway. David Cynthia and Wayne were joined by Adam and Victoria after we took a brief stroll around Balham. Balham was very quiet so we quickly went […]

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Southfields Academy 16th October 2017.

We were greeted by warm weather and hazy sun this morning, surprising for the time of year. There were only two of us as Athelia was otherwise engaged so Victoria and Wayne were present in the school this morning. It was generally very friendly in the school and the students were in good spirits. Many […]

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Southfields Academy visit 9th October 2017.

The weather improved as we entered the Academy, it was overcast and rainy looking but it soon brightened up into what was a very untypical October day. Athelia, Victoria and Wayne were present this morning. Veronica and Wayne were also present on Thursday in the Academy to help with the Harvest Service that the Academy […]

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Southfields Academy Visit 2nd October 2017.

It was a surprisingly warm day as we entered the Academy. Victoria and Wayne were present. It was good to be there as the students were a little playful with us but we soon settled in to conversations with them as we usually do. We met many old friends and mad some new ones also […]

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