We were greeted by warm weather and hazy sun this morning, surprising for the time of year. There were only two of us as Athelia was otherwise engaged so Victoria and Wayne were present in the school this morning.

It was generally very friendly in the school and the students were in good spirits. Many were willing to engage with us and we were happy to share with them. There was a young man who we had engaged with before. He was engaged in external issues with the police to which we intend to look into in the coming weeks and months.

In Satellite we had a number of students who we were keen to advise. There were of strong opinions and it was a stark reminder that the work we do was not straight forward but as young minds develop they begin to push boundaries and ask questions that can challenge.

All in all it was a good day but we feel now we are out of the honeymoon period of the new academic year and not it is time to rise to the challenge of our work.