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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Southfield’s Academy Visit. 22nd January 2018.

The weather was much more amiable this week than last week as Athelia and Wayne entered the academy. We set to work from the outset making friends and catching up with some old faces. There were a number of students who came to seek us out to let us know how they were getting on. […]

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Wandsworth Patrol 19th January 2018.

A team of three met to Patrol Central Wandsworth on Friday. Cynthia Katy and Wayne Set out at an earlier time of 6pm. We were advised that there was activity on the streets earlier that evening as opposed to a later patrol. The three of us set out as we saw most people on their […]

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Southfield’s Academy visit 15th January 2017

It started to rain heavily as we entered the academy. Both Athelia and Wayne were present as we got to work. The playground was scarcely populated but the corridors of the Academy were well populated. We met many of the students we had encountered over the last few years and many were glad to report […]

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Tooting Patrol 12th January 2108.

It was a cold January evening as Rez, Katy Cynthia and Wayne Met for their first night patrol of 2018. We expected it to be a quiet one as people tend to be recovering from the Christmas and new year’s activities at this time. As we got to Tooting it seemed that we were right. […]

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Southfield’s Academy visit. 8th January 2018.

As the New Year started the Academy opened on the first Monday of the new year after new year’s day. There were only two of us present on a very cold and windy overcast morning. Athelia and Wayne were present and the Academy seemed in good spirits as this was their first day back after […]

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