It started to rain heavily as we entered the academy. Both Athelia and Wayne were present as we got to work. The playground was scarcely populated but the corridors of the Academy were well populated. We met many of the students we had encountered over the last few years and many were glad to report that they had benefited from us being there to offer the advice that we gave them and the difference it has made to their life and education. It is good to see the students responding so positively to our work.

As we moved on to the Satellite we saw two faces that were a carry-over from last term. This mad our hearts sink but we found out that their offences were relatively minor and there was not much cause for concern.

For the next few weeks we will have to function as a team of two but we hope that Veronica will return to our ranks next month. We look forward to this as she has been sorely missed by the team and the Academy alike.