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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Southfields Academy visit 26th March 2018.

There was a full strength team today as we went into the Academy. The Academy was in good spirits as the weather was very sunny and pleasant and this was the last week before the Easter break. Victoria, Veronica, Athelia and Wayne were present and soon got down to work. We met many old friends […]

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Tooting Patrol 23rd March 2018.

It was a warm spring evening which made a change from the cold weather we have been having as David, Rez and Wayne went out to Tooting Broadway for the evening. We had hoped to spend a later evening out on the streets but Tooting was unusually quiet for the evening. We went through the […]

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Southfields Academy visit 19th March 2018.

We were back to full strength once again as Victoria, Veronica, Athelia and Wayne entered the Academy on a bitterly cold March day. We met our two friends who we mentioned in our last two reports who had a chat with us about life and how they were getting on. They had some sad news […]

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Central Wandsworth Patrol 16th March 2018.

A team of three met at 5:30pm to patrol the streets of Central Wandsworth. Katy, Cynthia and Wayne were out on the Streets still asking questions about area and looking as to where is best to implement our work. It is clear to see from the area that Central Wandsworth that there is so much […]

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Southfields Academy visit 12th March 2018.

It was good to have the team back to near full strength as we entered the academy today. Veronica, Victoria and Wayne were present this morning, Veronica recently returning from a holiday in Israel. Despite not producing reports, the team were present in the Academy over the last two weeks. Athelia and Veronica were both […]

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