There was a full strength team today as we went into the Academy. The Academy was in good spirits as the weather was very sunny and pleasant and this was the last week before the Easter break.

Victoria, Veronica, Athelia and Wayne were present and soon got down to work. We met many old friends and made some new ones. Wayne spoke to Nigerian girl in her six form who was curious about our work. She was very much into what we were doing and commended our work. We were even invited to a Birthday party of one of our regular contacts which will happen over the Easter break.

As we went into the Satellite there were a few candidates but not many of our regular faces. There were a number of people who had missed a detention so were referred to Satellite so we had sope pleasant chats with them. Because of the impending holidays the mood was a lot lighter and many students were moving around during the lesson time.

Because of various events around our work and lives we had not been able to keep a regular presence in the Academy as we were used to so it was good to be back to what we know as normality and we look forward to a two week break to celebrate Easter.