There were three of us in the Academy this morning as we began our work. Athelia had an appointment to attend so Victoria, Veronica and Wayne were present to speak to the Students. There was a better atmosphere in the Academy as the sun was out and the students were enjoying the sunshine as it shone briefly. We met a few of our friends who were hard at work and many others who were all preparing for their exams. It is a nice time to be in the Academy as moods are very different at this time of year. As we moved into the Satellite it was a mixed bag. There were some old faces we had seen all year. They all reported relatively minor offenses. There was some concerns about impending exams so we had to re-assure some of them. There was a case of a young man who Victoria reported had a great deal of resentment in his life. It is something we find from time to time and these issues are often ongoing so we will be keeping an eye on this situation over the next few weeks and see if we can give advice and care where appropriate.

It was a good morning and we will be observant to the special cases in the near future.