It was a mild but bright and sunny morning as we entered the Academy. We were again at full strength with Veronica, Victoria, Wayne and Athelia present in the Academy.

The playground was quiet and all of the Students were in good spirits. It was a model for the academy and Wayne remarked to Mr Davis that if I was a parent seeing this I would not hesitate to recommend that my child attend the Academy.

We all had good conversations in the playground and as we entered the Satellite it was very much more of the same. A number of students were there for getting to many negative reports in their lessons or for forgetting their report books. We spoke to them all.

We also managed to catch up with an old friend who works in the school as a support teacher. She was able to give us information on a student who we were concerned about who we had not seen for a time.

It was good to hear from her as she was able to give us some background information that we would not otherwise have had knowledge of. It was also good to hear of hew work being so closely aligned to ours in our concern for the well being of the students.

It was a good morning for is and  good to be in the school as they prepare for the academic end of year.