It was a bright summer day as we entered the academy. The playground was half empty as the year 11’s and upwards have now all but finished their exams.

We conversed with some of the students as a few of them battled with their shyness. The Academy even hosted their own World Cup competition as the students battled it out on the football pitch.

The Satellite was a bit different than that we had experienced in previous weeks. There were a few faces we had seen before. There was one young man who did not wish to speak to us at all. The others had more serious offences than the usual too many negatives or lateness. We had to invest time in these young individuals to get them to a place where they could at least be inspired to try.

It is a joy to work with the students and to see the difference our work makes in their lives. We Still get comments from the school staff commending us on the work we are doing. We hope for even better in the future even as we go into the last three weeks of our work in the academic year.