It was clear that things were starting to wind down for the summer break. We were joined today by Victoria’s grandchild who was on her break from her school.

The four of us were present and we soon got to work. Some of the students shied away from us but we met a number of students who we had met in satellite. There were not students in satellite today it was good to see the regulars out of that situation and back in the lessons and enjoying the playground during the break. Many of the older students were on work experience and this was a new experience for them. We could advise them as to what to expect and how they could make the best of the experience.

It was a chance for us to evaluate the academic year. It was felt that it had been a good one but we feel that we need to focus on the new intake during September to establish new friendships and to focus more on these students so that they are aware of our work and how we can be of help to them in the new education environment.

As we were leaving the Academy we were drawn to the board listing the academic achievements of previous year. In so many subjects the pass rate with A to C grades were in the high 70% range and most were even higher. We thrust that the Academy will continue to enjoy this type of success and we are thankful that the academy allow us to be a part of that success.

We decided that we would not attend for the last week as things are always a little disjointed so we look forward to the break and will re-commence our work in September.