After the summer break we were pleased to be back in the Academy.
It was an overcast day but the sun was peeking through the clouds and it reflected in the mood of the students. The new students were keen to engage and Veronica, Victoria and Wayne were keen to engage with them as well as many old friends we had made over the last few years. Many of the students were keen to approach us to ask us about our summers. It was great to be back and we are sure the work will develop in new ways over the academic year.
There was no one in satellite at this stage as it was so early in the term so we spent some time catching up with some of the staff who worked around the Academy. We have made good friends and gained a lot of support from the staff who work in the Academy and it was great to re-connect with them.
It was great to be back and we look forward to a successful academic year in the Academy.