It was a beautiful September morning which reminded us of the hot summer we have just enjoyed.
Athelia and Victoria were not present due to illness and Holidays respectively. Veronica and Wayne will be holding the fort for the next month or so.
We got strait down to work and it was great to catch up with old faces who we had come to know over the last four years. Some had grown almost beyond recognition and many have now matured into young adults. It is a joy to see. We still have issue with students who avoid us but even they were warmer towards us. It was a great day in the playground but we are aware the issues will come as we continue our work and on that note the Satellite brought up a big issue.
There was one young lady we shall call ‘N’ She was the only candidate in satellite. She spoke openly about a traumatic experience in her life which caused her to make bad decisions and even to self-harm. There were other issues and we had met her before years ago with other issues outside of the Academy. We did our best to council ‘N’ and help her with ways to channel her frustrations other than self-harming and we promised to look out for her over the next few weeks and months.
It was a stark realisation that despite the new term that the issues that young people face are not seasonal but very real and it is a privilege to be there to help as best we can with this important part of their development.
Bring on the new them.