Veronica and Wayne entered the Academy on a sunny but windy morning. The Academy was in good spirits and as last year and were keen to show that their exam results from this year were even better than last year.
It was positive to see these results and was testament to the Academy and all who work within it to ensure the best for the students.
Veronica spoke to a number of Students who were keen on the future and spoke of their ambitions which is always a pleasure to hear.
Wayne, in contrast spoke to an old friend who had problems with the school as they wanted to go to another when they started four years ago and have struggled to deal with a hostile classroom environment with students with mixed abilities. He was encouraged to work hard and focus on doing the best he could and finishing his course of study at the academy.
In Satellite there were five students who all had similar problems. They were all male and myself and Veronica go down to speaking to them and encouraging them all to concentrate on their education and all were receptive to our advice.
It was a good morning and both Veronica and Wayne were happy to be part of the Academies success story.