The Sun was shining and the weather was growing more and more pleasant after a cold Start on the first day of the new month.
Both Veronica and Wayne were present in the Academy. We were fortunate to see Larry Davis who we had not seen since the beginning of term. He was able to give us information on “N” who Wayne spoke to two weeks ago. She is getting a lot of support which we were pleased to hear.
We met many of our old friends who were pleased to see us but as we are beginning to settle in to the new Academic year it has become clear that we need to concentrate on the new intake of year 7’s We hope to build good relationships with them in the near future.
As we moved into satellite we met two old faces who were both more talkative than usual. Though it was sad to see them they were both down for relatively minor offences and we hope we can see some improvements with both of these individuals soon.
There were other new faces and we did our best to contact all of them as time allowed. Thankfully there were no serious cases and we hope it will remain that way.
On Wednesday we hope to be present in the Academy again as part of the harvest festival which takes place at the local St Barnabus Church. This will be a good opportunity to make good relationships with the newer Students who may not be familiar with us yet.