It was a damp and overcast morning as we entered the Academy. Veronica and Wayne were present this morning and we were encouraged to meet Dee our old friend who works in the Academy from the Local Council. It was good to see her again. We shared our news and had a good catch up.
We spoke to varied members of the Academy including the Local police who were there to encourage community engagement and promote the police cadets which is similar to the boy Scouts. We shared similar experiences with engaging with the students and encouraged each other mutually. Wayne was pleased to see the student called “N” she seemed in good spirits as we saw her enacting with her friends. It was good to see and gave us some comfort that she was enacting with her friends in a friendly manner.
Veronica latched on to some six form girls who had only been in the Academy for a few months and settled in well and had very strong ambitions for their futures. One Radiographer, One wanted to Study Forensics and Psychology. It was good to see the ambition of the Academies students and to encourage them to achieve at the highest level.
In the Satellite there were a few familiar faces and alot of new ones. The offences were relatively minor and we encouraged the students to focus on the upcoming half term break and to turn over a fresh leaf in the new half term. Veronica had a more serious issue to deal with. It regarded an out of Academy incident which was quite serious.