The team of four consisting of Felicity, Cynthia Rez and Wayne went out to Battersea and Clapham Junction.
The team first visited the Charlotte Despard Avenue, The Doddington Estate where we came to last month. The whole area was very quiet with very few people even around the site where the flowers were laid. We spent a short time there in prayer and then moved on to the Clapham Junction area.
Things were a bit busier. In Clapham Junction as there were clubbers an pub goers we had some conversations with a few individuals who were most complimentary to our work. We met a fellow Street Pastor from Peckham who was so pleased to see us out on the Streets. We met at least three other groups of people who spoke the same of our work.
Recently Street Pastors celebrated 15 years of the work as well as 25 years of the work of the parent company Ascension Trust. It is a real testament to the work that we would here these comments such as “we love what you do”.
Our evening was slightly cut short by the fact that one of our team members was taken ill due to a lack of sugar triggering her diabetes. Felicity was on hand to diagnose and recommend some sugar be consumed. This was the correct medicine needed and though there were few if any that needed our help we found ourselves being Street Pastors within our own group.
We look forward to our next patrol as we feel that things may be very busy over the Christmas Period.