It was a mixed bag this morning in the academy. Victoria and Wayne were present and soon got to work on a bright but bitterly cold morning, Winter has definitely arrived.. We met many of our old friends and spoke to new ones. The Academy seemed in good spirits and the students were passive and were keen to engage with us. We encouraged them with their upcoming mock exams and made new friends in the process.
We met one of two old friends who we had spoken to before on many occasions. They had a divide between them and we pledged to try to resolve this division in the coming weeks.
As we entered the satellite we were joined by Veronica. We met a number of new faces and only one face we had seen before. The students were not too forthcoming with their misdemeanours but we did our best to encourage them to pursue their studies and make the best of their time in education. It was surprising to see as many students as we did. There were as many as ten of them which was an usually high number.
This half term is a particularly long one and with the anticipation of the Christmas break tensions begin to rise. The offences in the Satellite were more serious than we had encountered ton previous weeks. As Schools pastors we rise to the challenge and pray we can influence these young lives for the better.