Victoria and Wayne were present in the school on an overcast winter morning. We soon got down to work speaking with the students.
Veronica soon joined us and we were all three got down to work.
Athelia is still absent due to her illness and there were members of the Academy who are still asking for her. We will pass these greetings on to Athelia when we next meet.
Last week we had a dilemma between two friends who we had spoken to many times before. They had a disagreement with each other. We were pleased to hear that they had resolved their issues but we will work in the coming weeks to meet with the both of them.
In the Satellite we met three old faces and about six new ones. Most of the offences were minor but there was one young man we had seen many times who we particularly angry. He was in a difficult situation so we tried to calm him as best we could but he was very angry.
As we head towards the Christmas break we are keen to work with the students to encourage them to achieve to their very best potential. For that end we pursue in this work.