It started to rain as Victoria and Wayne entered the academy. There were very few students in the playground at first but this changed as the rain was very light. Wayne want to find some friends who had had a bit of a falling out as we mentioned a few weeks back but now the situation has resolved Wayne was still curious as to what the rift was about. The reason was discovered and we were all glad that the matter had been resolved.
Victoria had an issue with a new student who was struggling with her maths. She was of Afghanistan origin and she had only been in the country for a few months so the language used in the classroom was all in a foreign language to her. Victoria tried to make some suggestions to her to help but this is a matter we may have to take further.
In Satellite we met some old friends so we spent time catching up with a lot of them and trying to get them to a place where they were willing to try harder in the classroom. There were some difficult cases and some angry young men, some of which were potentially endanger of being excluded if things did not improve. We did our best to show them the reality of being excluded and the consequences of this. Hopefully we can show some of them that this route is not a desirable one. We found the school has a policy in supporting British values and a picture of this has been included in this post. We feel that we have done well in trying to promote these values as well as others we hold dear.
We go on to promote the best in all the students we meet and help them make the best decisions for their future.