Wayne was a sole campaigner this morning for a while until Veronica joined him later. The academy was in a subdued mood on a cold and overcast winter morning.
Wayne was busy talking to students and Veronica joined him before going into the Academies Satellite.
The Satellite contained a mixed bag of new faces and at least half of the students were there for one incident that happened late last week.
There was some kind of incident involving a group of girls in the ladies room.
We found it hard to get to the bottom of the issue but worked hard to try to not attach blame and look at some underlying issues. Because the girls were close friends and went around in a large somewhat intimidating group and were all of the same ethnicity they were identified as instigators and we were able to speak to them about the false messages that their social group may be putting out. The talks we felt were productive and we hope that this would have an impact.
We try to steer these young lives on the best path possible and we pray that this work will have a positive effect on their futures. Time will tell.
We now look forward to a break at Christmas with one more Monday to go in the Academy.