As a team we were present in the Academy on the first day of term last week but it was a very quiet day as it was the first day of the new term. It was good to be back in the Academy even though our visit was very brief.
Today however things were back to normal and it was good to see some of our old friends. All of which were doing well. The students were as always shy towards us in the playground but we soon got down to having some meaningful conversations.
The satellite was fairly full and we spoke to as many students in the limited time we had. There were the usual, we did not do our home-work to some more serious issues.
We did our best to encourage best behaviour as we could.
Over the last two weeks we have learned that two members of the Academies staff have lost relatives. The gentleman who works the reception lost a very much loved aunt and another staff member lost his father. We remember these friends and wish them well at this difficult time.
Despite this sad news it is always an encouragement to be in the Academy and we hope our work has a positive influence on the lives of the students.