On what seemed like an ordinary day at the Academy became an extra ordinary day at the Academy.
Victoria and Wayne were busy in the playground and Veronica joined later, Veronica was not feeling very well and she was not quite normal self. We had a few conversations in the playground but it was in the Satellite that the extra ordinary occurred.
There were only four candidates, all of which were there for minor offences but one opened up about a problem which went beyond the Academy. We feel it is not right to disclose the full extent of the issue due to confidentiality reasons. We feel that this is a situation that we need to keep an eye on and hope we can get to a point where we can disclose the extent of the issue and see about getting the person in question some help.
This issue brought home to us the extent of the issues we sometimes encounter and that life events for teenagers can have serious issues that lie under the surface. We will do our best in future weeks to help in this situation.