Almost anyone in the church can become a Street Pastor, regardless of nationality, church tradition or denomination. Our teams comprise all age groups (18+). In fact, some of our most effective Street Pastors are those who are now retired from regular work – but still very active for the Lord!

A Street Pastor can be anyone who:

  • is 18 years old or over.
  • Has been committed to a Christian Fellowship for more than a year.
  • Obtains a positive reference from their Church leader/minister.
  • Has completed the 8 day Street Pastors Training Course.

The process of becoming a Street Pastor involves passion, commitment and training. In this way the quality and passionate heart of the initiative is sustained and grows.

To become a Street Pastor you must:

  1. Complete a Wandsworth Street Pastors Application Form. The application process will include providing references from your church minister and others. (download the application form)
  2. Once your application has been accepted you will attend the Street Pastors training course, which runs across 12 Saturdays from 9.30am – 3pm over a period of 7 months. There may also be a cost attached to this training, but the WSP generally substantially subsidise the training of our Trainees (not all SP areas do this). As part of this process you will also be asked to complete a CRB disclosure form. The Next Training Dates can be viewed here.
  3. After attendance of the introductory part of the course (comprising the first four Saturdays) you will be issued with your coat, shirt and cap, and can begin patrolling with your local team while you complete the training. The uniform can only be worn when the team is on duty and must be returned if you cease to be actively involved in patrols. Prior to this you are able to go out with the team as an observer (wearing the SP Observer Uniform).

    As part of this team you will regularly patrol your area
    either at night (between 10pm – 4am) or during the day (generally at school closing times), patrolling the streets, visiting local schools and colleges, pubs, clubs and parties, and seeking to build relationships with everyone in your community, eg: shop keepers, local schools, businesses, families, local police, youth clubs and their leaders etc. Street Patrol is about talking to people, dialoguing with them, listening and gaining knowledge of what is happening locally.

Application Flowchart