Kings Acre Methodist Church | 59 Lyham Road | Brixton | SW2 5DH

Training takes place over 8 Saturday’s with two supervised patrols. The sessions cover many different relevant subjects to your role as a Street pastor.

Once FOUR sessions have been completed you are ready to join a team on the Street (prior to this you are able to go out with a team as an observer).

To be considered for training you must complete an application form, which will include 2 referees (one of which will be your church leader).

The training costs £350 but Wandsworth Street Pastors will endevour to cover a part of this from the generous donations of supporters of the scheme here in Wandsworth.

Next Street Pastor Training

Block 1:

  • March 3rd, Roles & Responsibilities
  • March 10th, Knowing your Community
  • March17th, Safeguarding Awareness
  • March 24th, Youth Culture, Mental Health

Block 2:

  • April 28th, Drugs & Alcohol Awareness
  • 12th May, Good News
  • 19th May, Knowing Your Community, Listening Skills
  • 2nd June, Police.

NB. School Pastors will co-train with Street Pastors on the following subjects:

  1. Listening Skills 1
  2. Safeguarding Awareness
  3. Youth Culture
  4. Mental Health Awareness
  5. Drugs & Alcohol Awareness

We’ll spend 36 hours in the classroom and the time spent patrolling will be counted towards the course for the new volunteer.

1.      Set of eight (8) core subjects

2.      Set of five (5) electives (I will select two for our March course)

3.      Two supervised patrols (for new volunteers)

The two patrols are the practical aspect of the course and will be regarded as

part of the qualification to becoming a Street Pastor.