During November there were:

  • 2 Friday night patrols
  • 3 Saturday night patrols
  • 5 Patrols totalling 26 hours of cover involving 17 Street Pastors
  • 8 pairs of flip-flops given, 200 lollies and Love Hearts and 2 space blankets

Here are some of the ways Street Pastors cared, listened and helped in November:

  • Offered help to a homeless man
  • Moved a wheelie bin out of the road in Grove
  • Spent time with several groups of young people
  • Gave space blankets to help keep two people warm

We tend to think that November and December will be busy for us on patrol, but we usually find that November is a fairly quiet month. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that ‘quiet is good’ and that being there for people means a lot to them – even when we don’t get to do very much for them.

In Grove we spent time with groups of young people at the Rugby Club car park (a recent addition to our patrol route) and Millbrook shops. While we chatted to the young people at Millbrook shops, two Street Pastors moved a wheelie bin and several traffic cones out of the middle of the road!

We were very glad to be able to offer some support to a man that we found sleeping rough in Wantage and although he declined the offer of a hot drink and a space blanket we have taken the opportunity to review what we are able to do for homeless people as and when we find them. We’re not in a position to offer long-term support, but we can help meet some basic short-term needs, especially items like hats and gloves, water and hot drinks, snacks and toiletries.

Thank you for supporting the work of Wantage & Grove Street Pastors throughout 2016, whether through prayer, volunteering, grants and donations or just being interested in what we do – thank you!

Best wishes for 2017 from all of us at Wantage & Grove Street Pastors.