During August there were:

  • 3 Friday night patrols and 3 Saturday night patrols
  • 6 Patrols totalling 30 hours of cover involving 19 Street Pastors
  • 6 pairs of flip-flops given and 27 bottles of water
  • 450 lollies and Love Hearts

Here are some of the ways Street Pastors cared, listened and helped in August:

  • Cared for an upset young lady who was on her own
  • Helped a man look for his wallet
  • Gave assistance to several people that had been involved in fights
  • Looked after a distressed lady who had injured her hand

We met a young lady in Wantage who was texting, in tears. She had been left alone without any way of getting home to Didcot and was trying to arrange for someone to come and pick her up. We stayed with her and chatted while she waited. She told us a little about her life and how she felt so helpless. We offered to pray with her and she said yes.

Apparently, a man had lost his wallet in a bin and so, armed with a torch, a Street Pastor helped him search through the bin. We didn’t find his wallet, but the man pulled out an empty tin can and went off seemingly happy! :- /

On two separate occasions we cared for people that had been involved in fights in Wantage, providing wet wipes, tissues, water and a listening ear. On one occasion the Police brought the situation under control and we stayed between two remaining groups of people until the situation was fully resolved.

We offered help to an angry young woman that had injured her hand. We were able to spend some time with her and clean her hand with antiseptic wipes.

Our teams frequently receive compliments and expressions of gratitude from people on the streets, maybe from people that we’ve helped, their friends, parents or grandparents, or from people that have seen what we do. One man said we were ‘..,just like Jesus’! We’re always grateful for the support and encouragement that we receive – thank you!