We patrolled seven times during August and September.

Some patrols have been quieter than we are used to but, even when it’s quiet, we usually find someone who needs a little help – whether a bottle of water, or time spent listening and encouraging.

We are back patrolling in Grove and have found it to be quiet and peaceful. We visit several locations including the skate park and kebab van, Savile Way shops, Millbrook Square, Old Mill Hall, The Bay Tree pub and The Bell pub.

At the beginning of one of our patrols in Wantage, we met three young ladies. One was particularly drunk and felt sick. We spent some time with them, gave water and flip-flops and chatted for a while to make sure they were ok. Not long after, we met the same girl walking home with her boyfriend.

On a fairly quiet patrol in Wantage we saw a small group of guys discussing how they might climb up King Alfred’s statue in the Market Place. We approached them and got chatting in an attempt to distract or dissuade them from climbing the statue. We recognised one of the men who told us how Street Pastors had often given him lollies and flip-flops in the past. He talked about how his life has changed and that he now has a good relationship with his family and has got his addictions under control. …and they didn’t climb the statue after all.

A number of our teams patrol slightly earlier in the evening and visit the Sweatbox Youth Centre whenever they can. One Friday night in September was buzzing with about 130 youngsters there. We spent some time chatting with the young people and staff, and handed out a few lollies before heading in to town for the rest of our patrol.

August 2021 September 2021
Patrols 4 3
Hours 16 12
Flip-flops 0 2
Lollies ~110 ~80
Water 1 4
Water 3 5