We patrolled seven times during October and November but were unable to patrol on three occasions due to illness.

Each month a team of Street Pastors visits Grove and tours the village calling in at the following places: skate park, rugby club, kebab van, Saville Way shops, Millbrook Square, Old Mill Hall, The Bay Tree pub and The Bell pub. Grove is usually very quiet and in October we met a small group of young people in Millbrook Square waiting for a lift home. We chatted with them while they waited and gave them lollies too.

In Wantage our teams focus mainly in the town centre, but they may also visit other areas including the Parish Church, Betjeman Park, Mill Street, Undercroft car park, Sainsbury’s, Smith’s Wharf, Wallingford Street, St Mary’s and St Gabriel’s, the cemetery, the Leisure Centre and Manor Road Park.

One of our teams sensed that a fight might break out between a group of men in Wantage and edged themselves nearer while remaining at a safe distance. This seemed to work as the main protagonist moved on and got in to a taxi.

On another occasion Street Pastors spent time with a young lady who was upset and feeling victimised. We also supported a lady whose friends had left her, one of whom had taken her house key. The lady was upset from events of the evening and was very grateful for our support. Another night, we walked with a young man who was grateful for some company on his walk home as he was avoiding some people who had been unkind to him.


October 2021 November 2021
Patrols 3 4
Hours 11 15
Flip-flops 0 0
Lollies ~60 ~85
Water 0 1