We patrolled nine times during February and March 2022.

Cold or wet weather during February and March made for some fairly quiet patrols. However, we always manage to find someone who wants to chat or needs a little help. On one occasion we chatted with a bus driver who told us about their difficult day. On a very wet night we chatted to three young men who were sheltering from the rain in a doorway. We spent some time with a group of three young men who were waiting for a taxi. One of the men had had too much to drink so we gave out lollies, which helps put some sugar back in the bloodstream.

One night we met about 20 young people in two groups standing in a Wantage park area with one drunk man standing on a monument shouting. We gave out lollies to the two groups while we assessed the situation to see what might happen. We chatted for a while and picked up some bottles, cans and broken glass from the area. We stayed there until the two groups headed off in different directions without any problems.

We spent some time chatting to a couple but as they walked away, the lady tripped on the uneven pavement and twisted her ankle. Our team stayed with them until the lady was able to get up and walk on with the help of her partner.

We also visited Grove and spent time with people in different locations including the skate park and kebab van, Saville Way shops, Millbrook Square, etc. We didn’t encounter any problems while we were in Grove.


February 2022 March 2022
Patrols 5 4
Hours 23 19
Flip-flops 0 0
Lollies ~150 ~160
Water 4 1