We patrolled seven times during June and July.

Street Pastors were on hand to offer support to a man who had been assaulted in Wantage and fallen to the ground sustaining several injuries. The man asked us to call the police for him. We spent some time with him and his friends, who were all quite shocked and upset by the incident. We stayed with them until after the police had arrived and had spoken to the man, his friends and members of the public at the scene.

We spent some time with a man who was apparently avoiding being beaten up by two other people following a row over a year ago! We stayed with him and listened to him for some time. He shared with us some of the health issues that one of his children is going through. We offered to pray for his situation. He was very happy for us to pray with him there and then.

Street Pastors were in Wantage on the night of King Alfred’s Academy Year 11 Leavers’ Prom and spent much of their patrol chatting to groups of young. We gave flip-flops to two girls who had given up on their shoes very early on in the evening! Lots of young people were making their way over to ‘the field’ so we went too, sweeping up broken glass enroute by the Leisure Centre and giving out lollies. We didn’t encounter any major problems and it was all good-natured, if a little noisy from time to time.

One of our earlier evening patrols met a lad who had fallen off his bike near Wantage Parish Church. We gave him wipes and plasters and checked that he was generally ok. Although, he didn’t want too much help from us as he was with his mates and probably needed to play it cool, so to speak!

Street Pastors were asked to help find two mobile phones that had been left on a bench by the owners. We found the phones and were able to return them to their rightful owners.


June 2022 July 2022
Patrols 3 4
Hours 14 16
Flip-flops 0 0
Lollies ~250 ~160
Water 9 5