We patrolled eight times during August and September.

Street Pastors patrolled in Grove visiting several areas including Saville Way shops, Millbrook Square and The Old Mill Hall among others. They spent some time chatting with a small group of 17-year-old girls sitting outside the Rugby Club and cleared up litter at the Skate Park.

In Wantage, Street Pastors met a lady who was very unsteady on her feet. She had said she was getting a lift home from her son and then she said she was getting a taxi. We stayed with her until she eventually made her way home on a bus.

Street Pastor teams were in Wantage on the opening weekend of Delaney’s Club in August. The town was very busy throughout the night with a very good atmosphere.

One night we encountered a drunk young man who was being helped by a young woman. He was very wobbly and wanted to keep hugging everyone. The woman was grateful that we were able to relieve her, but soon after, the man walked away from us towards other people. He reappeared later, this time in an altercation with some other young people. This escalated and ended with a punch thrown by him and the very timely arrival of two police officers!

Street Pastors were in Wantage in September when a man who was spoiling for a fight went off and came back with a kitchen knife. A group of young men chased him off but attacked his associate instead. The man was rescued, thanks to a member of the public, who put himself between the victim and the assailants. Street Pastors stayed at a safe distance, called the police and helped the injured when it was safe to do so. We are grateful that no-one was injured by the knife. The police later made three arrests.

August 2022 September 2022
Patrols 4 4
Hours 18 19
Flip-flops 2 1
Lollies ~200 ~140
Water 9 2