“Street Pastors is about Christians rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in practically responding to the problems of crime and safety. They are like beacons on our streets and I want to see them shining brightly in every constituency.”

David Burrowes, Patron of Ascension Trust

Street Pastors are trained and uniformed volunteers from local churches who patrol the streets of Warrington town centre each Saturday and some Friday nights from 11pm to 5am.

What do Street Pastors do? They seek to calm aggressive behaviour, administer basic first aid, freely distribute water, flip-flops, exposure blankets, call an ambulance, reunite often incapable young people with their parents all in a non-judgemental way. Street Pastors do not Preach or proselytise.

Does it work? In the first year of operation, Cheshire Police showed arrests due to Anti-Social behaviour, drink and substance abuse were down by 26%.