Prayer Pastors all around the country leave their homes on Friday and Saturday nights to support Street Pastors in prayer, and Winchester is no different. We have two Prayer Pastors (PPs) per team who stay at our base while the Street Pastors go out on the street.

PPs listen to the PubWatch radio, and receive calls from the Street Pastors (SPs). They use what they hear to write detailed reports of the nights activities. This helps the SPs to remember details of the night when they write their end of night reports, and helps to flag recurring problems to our coordinator. They pray for the well-being of the SP team, and the people that they meet. When a tricky situation occurs on the streets, PPs cover the situation in prayer.

SPs couldn’t do the duties they do without the backing of PPs, and they are the linchpin of our success. The beauty of the role is that is is accessible to all, any age, with any mobility level. Many of our teams organise lift shares to get less mobile PPs to their duties.

We are constantly recruiting for new PPs, and we currently have two vacancies in our teams. If you are interested in being a PP, or know someone who is, please take a look at our join us page.