Have you ever wondered what being a Street Pastor is like? Do you like the idea, but don’t want to volunteer in case you don’t like it? Are you interested in the work of Street Pastors as part of a research study, or from a professional point of view?

Coming out with a team as an Observer is straightforward and enjoyable. All you need to do is send our co-ordinator Mark an email and he will match you with a suitable team. You will be given a form to fill in on the night, and a fluorescent jacket to wear. The team will include you in their preparation and their patrol, and they will even make you hot drinks and feed you!

I hadn’t heard of the Street Pastors before I looked into it. It was really interesting to spend the evening out seeing what you do. I was really impressed with the attitude of many of the people we met towards your team which must reflect the positive impact they have previously experienced. The small acts of kindness of hot drinks, flip flops and listening ears were so appreciated by the public.


I joined Don’s team on Friday night in Winchester. It was a fantastic experience, eye-opening with plenty to reflect on. They were a wonderful team of people. Thank you for letting me join and seeing how the Street Pastors work.