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Bishopstoke, Fair Oak and Horton Heath

About Us

Bishopstoke, Fair Oak and Horton Heath Street Pastors began back in 2007 as the first semi rural scheme in the country. After a successful couple of years the scheme began spreading to other parts of the Borough with help and support from both the Police and the Local Councils. The scheme exists for the benefit of the community, enriching the community we live in by patrolling every Friday evening, every week. We are there to listen, to care and to support those in need, those who are vulnerable and those who would like to chat. We have since launched a similar scheme, School Pastors whose aims and objectives are similar to Street Pastors and seeks to be a visible presence around the local schools before and after the school day.

None of the above would be possible without the dedication and commitment of volunteers who turn out come rain or shine, to enrich the community and instil a sense of value and worth to those they meet. Street and School Pastors is a joint venture supported by the local churches.