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What is a Street Pastor??

You may have seen some people on the Streets of Harlow on a Friday night from 10:00pm until ~04:30am, dressed in a uniform with “STREET PASTOR” on it.

Who Are We??

We are Christian volunteers from a number of churches in Harlow.

What Do We Do??

We are a Christian presence on the streets of Harlow, caring for people in need, to help make them feel safe, so they can enjoy their evening out.  Our role is NOT about preaching, but caring, listening and helping vulnerable individuals…………unconditionally!!

Why Do We Do It??

Because we want to demonstrate the love that God has shown to us in Jesus Christ.  ………”truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me”……… Matthew 25:40

Third Anniversary of Harlow Street Pastors

On September 10th 2013 we celebrated the third year anniversary of Street Pastor patrols on the streets of Harlow.  During this time, through God’s amazing grace, we have been able to touch the lives of hundreds of revellers each and every Friday night, providing practical help, comfort, first aid, and a listening ear.  Most importantly, we have also been able to talk about God’s love through Jesus Christ, to people who are searching for a spiritual purpose in their lives and who otherwise may not encounter the Gospel.

As a Christian presence on the streets of Harlow, we were delighted to learn that within our first year of patrolling, the antisocial behaviour rate over this period dropped by 17%, mirroring similar trends in other regions where Street Pastors have been established (there are now over 10,000 across the UK!!).  We can’t wait to hear the 2013 statistics and thank God for what He is doing in Harlow and across the country!!

We would like to say a big “thank you” to everyone who has contributed so far to the work of Harlow Street Pastors; giving their time, prayer and financial support for this work.  This is a joint Christian ministry with many churches across the Town having their members in the teams, and many different denominations financing and praying for this valuable ministry.  It is wonderful to witness how so many different churches can work so fantastically together in the name of Christ.

 A Few More Statistics

We now have 29 active Street Pastors and 36 Prayer Warriors (who pray for the Street Pastors when they are out on patrol) and we are planning a new recruitment and training round this year.

Since our first patrol on September 10th 2010, we have:-

  • Helped 300 people to get home
  • Administered First Aid to 191 people (some severely injured)
  • Given out 327 pairs of flip-flops to young women in impossibly high heels!!
  • Had meaningful conversations/prayed with over 1000 people
  • Provided 57 very cold (and some hypothermic) people with space blankets
  • Collected and carefully disposed of 1784 bottles/glasses which could otherwise have been used as weapons
  • Provided buckets of Haribos!!

If you are interested in becoming a Street Pastor or Prayer Warrior in Harlow, or just want to know more, please contact Owen Jenkins at the E-mail address above.