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Patrol Information

Patrol Information

Our teams of dedicated Street Pastors usually patrol on a Saturday evening and have done so since April 2009.  They go out as a team of three or four and simply walk around the town, you may often see them on either side of the street in pairs or sat in Castle Square listening, talking and helping people.

You may have been given help from the Street Pastors yourself. Flip flops to help protect your feet from the cold and broken glass, when your feet are too sore to wear your usual shoes after dancing. A warm fleece when the weather has turned cold and you’re waiting for your lift home without a coat. Haribo sweets are traditionally carried by all Street Pastors locally and the team are often asked for those. First Aid Kit is also carried and many of the team are qualified First Aiders.

We do cover additional extra-nights and events from time to time and these can include things like a local ‘School Prom’ evening, Haverfordwest Food Fest, Under 18s Club Night, Christmas Carols, etc.

Whoever you are, wherever you may be in town and whatever the reason that you want to speak to us about…..we would love to meet you…the team are there to listen, care and help if at all possible….and we believe that with God….all things are possible!