Thank you from a member of the public.

Hello , we ( a family of 4 travelling to York )would like to thank Newcastle Street Pastors for their huge support last night when we arrived at Newcastle train station shortly after midnight and realised that the station was closed until 4am, our train was booked for 4.45 and we had nowhere to stop until then and streets were very busy with people enjoying night life on Friday night.

We also have a 7-year-old with us who found it all a little overwhelming.

Street pastors approached us and asked if we were ok, we explained the situation and they gladly helped us and found us a hotel where we could stay in reception area until the station opened again.

Hotel manager was also very supportive and provided us with hot drinks and warm place to stay until station opened.
We are so grateful and lucky that you approached us at that time we cannot thank you enough for your support and what you do for people on a middle of the night.

joan and the team 2 dec 2016

I just want to say thank you to your staff for last night for looking after me! Can’t remember much 🙈 but I can remember them looking after me and making sure I was safe! Your team are truly amazing people! X

My friend was incredibly drunk and unresponsive on the floor. I am a very petite person and could not do much to help beyond talking with her but the team of street pastors came over and were so lovely and friendly to us whilst we planned next steps and we decided to take her to a safe haven bus. They managed to get my friend walking and guide her there safely.So many thank yous! Whilst I hadn’t been drinking, I would have been so out of my depth physically to manage her and it was a blessing to have some people come to help with kindness and humanity and get her moving, gently but firmly and get us out of the street so there was some dignity and safety. I don’t think I knew about street pastors in Newcastle – I don’t go out much! But to have that help was amazing and I had no idea these people were volunteers. Thank you so much for helping us and all the work you do.

Thank you for the amazing support you gave me, my wife and most importantly my daughter. On Saturday 28th of December our daughter dislocated her patella.  The four Pastors that very kindly stayed with us during the time our daughter lay on the cold concrete were simply incredible.   They provided her with foil blankets and when she started to shake with the cold two of them put they’re heavy outdoor coats on her. Incredibly kind.What our daughter didn’t realise is the Pastors were the most help to my wife and I. The good people of Newcastle showed a lot of concern for her as she lay there, some had suddenly discovered medical skills and wanted to help her – clearly they would have done more harm than good.  Without the 4 Pastors to deflect and manage the public I don’t know what I would have done that night. They helped by chatting to people who were concerned, reassuring them and very politely moving them on, and when someone was more insistent they dealt with them politely but firmly.   I can’t thank you all enough, the work you do is truly incredible.  When ambulance arrived we were taken to the RVI where we found that she’d dislocated her patella and it was still dislocated.  I am so sorry that I didn’t get the Pastors names that night, but would you please work out who they are and thank them from us.

I was working at the gate on overtime when I came across a female who was very intoxicated and would not engage with me in any way apart from using very bad language. I called up the Street Pastors and they took half an hour to sort out this female and get her walking again. I know I’m always impressed by the work you guys do but I think this action by your Pastors was nothing short of a miracle.  Please pass on my regards and thanks  to your guys I’m sure they will remember that lady. PC Paul Lewins 8184

Thank you from a Mum
“I would just like to say thank you for staying with my daughter last night and keeping her safe until her brother arrived really appreciate you giving her your time”

“Great to hear about the increase in pastors. On behalf of the partners working to keep people safe in our city at night we value the essential service performed by the pastors.” Chief Inspector David Pickett

“just wanted to ask you to pass on my thanks to the team. My Son had his drink spiked a couple of weeks ago and quickly realised something was wrong. Found your team and they stayed with him until my Husband picked him up. He can’t remember their names but wanted you to know how much we appreciated it xx “

“I just watched the documentary on Channel 5 featuring Jim the street pastor. I was homeless in Newcastle back in 1995/6/7 and lived on the streets and in hostels. I saw Jim doing is work for God and remembered how he used to come to the ‘Boneyard’ and try to help me and the people I drank with. They are all dead now, life’s forgotten people who never escaped their addiction. I was lucky and was able to escape the endless spiral of addiction, homelessness, prison and misery. I found a way to climb out of the quicksand that had held me for 5 years, I found redemption. Now I live in Cumbria and am happily married. I live in a lovely bungalow with a wife who loves me enough to keep me off the drink. I was lucky where many weren’t, many more will never be.”