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Photo opportunitySheffield Street Pastors is an initiative of the local churches, working together with the Police and the Local Council. The idea is simple; Street Pastors is a ministry to those in the pubs and clubs of our town, working to be a prayerful, listening and caring presence of Christians from local churches between 11pm and 3am at weekends. We’re there to care, to listen and to help; to show the love of Jesus in practical ways.

We offer practical, non-judgemental and compassionate help to vulnerable people at risk for their own safety or that of others; if there is an individual in need they will be there on hand with a smile, an ear and a kind word.

By handing out preventative supplies such as water, lollipops and flip flops or providing emergency first-aid, Street Pastors are there to help when someone’s night out takes a turn for the worst.

To relive pressure from door staff, the Police and other emergency services, radio messages are sent directly to the team to enable them to get to an incident as soon as possible.

Whether it be listening to someone who is lonely, someone else under the influence of alcohol and has lost their friend, talking down a fight or signposting the homeless to a support organisation – Street Pastors is all about showing God’s love to the city by providing care and assistance.

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We currently operate in 2 areas of Sheffield:


Launched in 2009 as a response to local gang gun and knife crime. A team still patrols alternate Friday evenings in Burngreave, Pitsmoor and Page Hall. 


Following a request by the City Centre Forum and the Police, the city centre teams were launched in 2011. Each team sets out from the heart of the city centre and heads off up West Street. Depending on the night, how busy the city centre is and the team you may find Street Pastors on Division Street, Carver Street, The Moor and all points in between. 

Teams usually patrol between 10:45pm and 3am on Friday and Saturday nights.