Our mission statement is “To train Christian volunteers from different churches and equip them to serve as ambassadors of Christ, reaching out to people in the city and university campus at night and during the day. We are non-judgemental and will care for, listen to and try to help anyone and everyone we meet. We work in partnership with the police, local council and other organisations.”

Stirling is known as “Scotland’s Heart” due to its physical location and historical significance in the past. It is reported that 70% of Scotland’s population lives within one hour of the city and this creates a diverse people group, culture, tourism trade and experience. Stirling Street Pastors want to see “Scotland’s Heart” gain an understanding of God’s Heart for the city and its people. As Christian volunteers we are motivated by the Bible and our faith to try to both proactively and reactively seek the welfare of our city – putting the emphasis firmly on the individual in need at the time. Street Pastors is not about preaching, judging or telling people how to live their lives. Instead, we freely hand out personal safety equipment, give emotional care and physical help to hundreds of people using the city centre every month.

Our work formally began on the 27th March 2009 and Stirling Street Pastors continues to grow – both on the streets in the frontline work we do, as well as strategically as we build relationships with other organisations and groups within the city.

In March 2019, we celebrated 10 years on the streets with a service of thanksgiving.