To Tiverton Street Pastors


To Tiverton Street Pastors

Tiverton Street Pastors


Tiverton Street Pastors are now in their 11th year of providing assistance to the night time economy of their town. They have 23 Street Pastors, 11 Prayer Pastors and another five members who pray from home. Before the restrictions of Covid 19 the Street Pastors were out on the streets of Tiverton from 10.00 pm to 3.30 am every Saturday night. They also patrolled numerous special events in the town and multiple teams go out on Halloween to give “Bags of Hope” to children involved in Trick or Treat.


Tiverton Street Pastors are also in their second year of providing School Pastors and currently have an additional 12 Pastors and 8 Prayer Pastors supporting this ministry.



Unfortunately since lockdown in March Tiverton Street Pastors have been unable to patrol the streets of Tiverton, but they have still been praying for the town.


Since May the Street, Prayer and School Pastors have been meeting fortnightly on Mondays via Zoom to pray for the town and situation generally.


When lockdown was relaxed further in July, the teams then set up additional weekly Zoom prayer meeting on Saturday evenings to pray for the town and all those socialising and working in Tiverton during the evenings that they would have normally patrolled.


The Leadership team are constantly reviewing the situation to see how the Street Pastors, School Pastors and Prayer Pastors can best support the town and its young people through this challenging time.


The Tiverton Pastors Teams are still very much at work for the benefit of Tiverton and its surrounding area.

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