One Saturday evening we were patrolling the Harbourside when we spotted a man in his 30s walking on the wrong side of the railings, next to the water.

His demeanour seemed to signal that all was not well. We asked if everything was ok and he replied that it was ok and walked on.

I rang our Prayer Pastors and asked them to pray. Almost immediately the man turned back and said he needed to talk to us.

He said he was from Iran and had nothing going for him. He was seriously considering suicide.

We talked at length with him in the pouring rain, and told him God loved him and valued him highly.

We offered to pray for him and he was very responsive. Lots of tears and he left us with a smile on his face assuring us he felt much better about life.

We gave him a Samaritans card and encouraged him to give them a call if he felt down again.