In December 2020, the media put out the message that Christmas was cancelled. Doncaster Street Pastors disputed that statement. We were not able to celebrate Christmas as we have done in the past by singing carols at the Danum Corner to the accompaniment of members of the Salvation Army Band, so we marked Christmas in a different way

We put up a small artificial Christmas tree in the staff entrance to the police station as a reminder that we were praying for them, along with slips of paper for prayer requests to be posted into the box we provided. Any requests were then e-mailed to all the Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors for their prayers.

In addition, we made a short video of Street Pastors saying “We’re praying for Doncaster”, which we put on Facebook and on our website.

Subsequently, in December 2021 and December 2022, we again put up a Christmas tree in the staff entrance to the police station, with slips of paper for prayer requests as before.

We continue to pray every week for the well-being of our city, and the welfare of those whose income depends upon a thriving night -time economy.

We believe that good partnership working is essential for the success of Street Pastors, and we are blessed with excellent support from all our partners.

Our coordinator meets with representative from the police, council and Pubwatch on a regular basis, and we have received training and financial support from South Yorkshire Police via the PCC’s Violence Reduction Unit, and from Doncaster Council’s Public Health Department who continue to fund our supply of flip-flops. For this we are extremely thankful

We continue to ask for your prayers for them and for ourselves as together we work for a safer, more peaceful, and more convivial city centre environment.