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To Edinburgh Street Pastors

Edinburgh Street Pastors

Edinburgh Street Pastors have been listening, caring and helping on the streets of Scotland’s capital since 2009. We currently have teams going out every Friday and two Saturdays per month. We can be found in all areas of the city centre including around the Omni Centre, Cowgate, Grassmarket, Princess Street, George Street, talking and assisting folks to help them stay safe and happy, sometimes when they are at their most vulnerable.


Our vision is to create two more teams to go out on Saturday as well as build up our existing Friday teams, so we are always happy to welcome new street pastors to the team, and have ongoing training sessions.


Our Spring training sessions will run across two separate weekends in 2019.  The next session will be Friday March 15th to Sunday March 17th.  The training sessions will run across a Friday evening, Saturday part day and Sunday late afternoons each time.  There is also a separate additional evening of training on Friday 22nd March.


Contact our Recruitment and Training Coordinator on edinburghsp.training@gmail.com if you are interested.

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Margaret, from Team 5 and who also sits on our Management Committee has been very productive during the lock down. We all feel a sense of frustration at not being able to patrol the streets and give help in all the ways we normally do. Last year we helped people on...

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1: Jeni Jeni – tell us how lockdown is affecting you? Well, it’s a huge disappointment not to be patrolling as a Street Pastor, but I fully appreciate the reasons why we have to stop for now. The hospitality industry is suspended and so those people we normally look...

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