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Why do street pastors pray?

Christians pray because they want to talk to God about the people and situations in their life – they want to acknowledge and include God in all that they do. Street pastors believe that prayer and action go together: so it’s important to pray and it’s important to do something practical. Christians believe that God teaches our spirits and our minds and that through prayer God can change us and our world.

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What is a Prayer Pastor?

Prayer is important to us, and our Prayer Pastors are a crucial part of what we do.

A Prayer Pastor is someone with a desire to make a difference through prayer in the city they live in, and willing to invest in the lives of others.

A prayer pastor must be a committed Christian, be over 18yrs and have attended the same church for at least 12 months.

There are many ways you can be involved as a Prayer Pastor:

  • Join us at our home base and pray once a month as our street patrols go out.
  • Go out with our street patrols as our link to the streets.
  • Join with us from your own home.
  • Join with others in your Church to pray for ourteams.
  • Join us once a quarter at our ‘Prayer in the City’ events.

A Prayer for Street Pastors


Living God, we praise you for the vision that gave birth to Street Pastors and for every life that has been touched through this movement of your Spirit. We thank you for every street pastor and we pray for them as they share your love with others. We ask for your protection and encouragement, your wisdom and courage and an ever deeper faith in and love for you.

We pray for those they meet week by week in the pubs and clubs, in the late night cafes, on the streets and at the bus stops. May those who are lonely be warmed by your presence; those who are bruised and hurting find healing in your love; those that are ashamed and without hope be set free by your forgiveness and grace.

Lord Jesus Christ, you came to seek and to save the lost. Thank you for the privilege of being your hands and feet, your eyes and your heart where we live. Give us eyes that see as you see, hearts that love as you love, and words that you can use to bring life and peace. And in it all, Lord God, give us thankfulness, generosity and joy in serving you, who to serve is perfect freedom and who to know is Life eternal.

God of Grace, to you be honour, praise and glory, from everlasting to everlasting, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. AMEN!