Elgin Street Pastors first patrol was on 13th April 2013.

Street Pastors was pioneered in London in 2003, spreading rapidly across the UK; Street Pastors is now a global movement. The church in action, on the streets of our towns and cities, showing the love of Jesus in practical ways through listening, caring and helping.

Elgin Street Pastors is operated by a management team with representatives from four different Christian denominational churches in Elgin. We have volunteers from 9 different Christian churches across Moray.

Each Saturday night a team of 4-6 street pastors, goes out from 10pm until 4am in Elgin town centre, to listen, show care and help. We do this in practical ways of giving time unconditionally to listen, caring for those who have become separated from friends by staying with them and helping them to find their friends or get home safely, offering practical help by giving out water, flip-flops, lollipops, foil blankets, beanie hats and basic First Aid.

If you are interested in finding out more about Elgin Street Pastors please do get in touch by using the details on our “Contact Us” page.