by Gary Killingsworth

It is important to look back and remember! Taking a long backward look at the past year is a bit on the nostalgic end of the spectrum but on the other end are lessons learned, accomplishments, failures, statistics, and rich memories.

I was thinking about some of my most impacting memories. The Commonwealth Games has to be at the top of the list. I have the memory of thinking, “No way!”. It was those early days of preparation with a very committed team and all the 3×4 ft. flip-chart papers on the wall of the office that I thought there was no way we could accomplish the task.

There is the memory of the “buzz” in the basement of St. George’s Tron Church while everyone was getting ready to go out and engage. Another memory was of buying more rolls for lunch than you can imagine – probably about 2,000 over a two-week period. There is the memory of 200 volunteers who came from all over the UK and also a team from the USA to serve with us – just amazing people. There is a snapshot memory in my mind of one of our teams huddled with a mother and daughter under an umbrella praying while tears were flowing; also the huge amount of people on Buchanan Street, the deluge of rain during the cycle race, prayer team constantly praying, the joy of service on the faces of our Street Pastors, the shocking amount of shifts attended by Anne, Steve, Elaine and others, the care given to our guests by Lorna, bone-gripping fatigue, the white hats of Games Pastors, launch of Cycle Pastors, and willingness of people to lead and serve like I have never before witnessed. All I can say is, “It was a very good year for Glasgow Street Pastors!”.